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The steep increase of the internet content and their users, in the past 10 years, has made it an indispensable way of communication with major impact on the business and marketing. Nowadays, the company, which doesn’t have website, it seems that it doesn’t exist at all on the market. The development of modern communication and computer technology in general has created completely new media possibilities, and new media industry requires a special employee profiles. These are web designers, people who know how to combine computer skills with artistic talent. Occupation web designer is extremely required in the labor market.


No special conditions

We felt the recession in all spheres of society, allocations for education in times of crisis are among the first to be cut but this kind of education is certainly a very good investment. Learning for web designer is not so demanding, as a mater a fact you don’t have to have special talent and it could be very interesting. However, it is normal that there are some expectations. The basic conditions for entering the educational program for web designers is at least three years of high school and basic computer skills. Among other preconditions, you have to possess a lot of willingness to learn and to work and to have some artistic lines and spatial intelligence.

I will start with the word designer, because a lot of times I saw various people’s reactions to the word – a designer. Just by facial expressions, I could imagine how about web design sounds to other people, and how many prejudice there are connected to this profession. 

 For better describing of this profession I will start with a word graphic designer, it’s not the same as a web designer. These are two totally different professions and they aren’t related one with. Graphic artists are dealing with drawing and they work offline, for offline products (materials) such as business cards, posters, book covers, CDs, various brochures and things like that.

 Web Designer also deals with drawing like graphic designer but a web designer draws,  as I like to say, “online brochure” for some  individual or a company, he designs sites for them.


A web designer must be familiar with some working process such as encoding, because that is how he makes drawings easier to be customized to the site. For example: He knows that some shadows he should not paint because the later work will last longer and more complicated, the final user probably never even thought about.

 Web designer besides his aesthetic sense, must recognize the intentions of the client but also to be ready to advise him in order to have his best representation on the Web, building him in that way some kind of visual identity and online reputation. You have to learn how to use computer languages and programs, to learn to thing in that kind of way and eventually to be very creative. You just have to get computer skills and use your imagination.


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